So many city dwellers love the concrete jungle, but long for the country farm fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs.  Now, PopUp Garden is making it possible to maximize plant yield with minimal space.  You do not have to be a horticulturist, nor do you need vast farmland.  We are going to change how you approach growing your own food!


There is so much you can do in small spaces.  Whether you are living in an apartment, patio home or townhouse, assisted living or city loft apartments with small balcony or backyards; all you need to know is how much sun your small space gets.  Then you can start determining what is best to grow.  First, determine which direction the sun is coming from: North, South, East or West. Second place an item in the desired spot you wish to grow and monitor the amount of sunlight the item gets from morning to evening.  Lastly, different plants require different amounts of sun albeit full sun (6 or more hours of direct light), partial sun (2-3 hours of direct light), or shade (almost no direct light). Now, let’s look at which plants make the top 10 list for growth in small spaces with the right amount of light.


PopUp Garden allows for vertical growth.  This is where things get creative, as most people think gardening happens in the ground or individual pots.  Those plants that climb and trellis are good for the downward growth, while others that need more light and container volume do well in the upward growth. 


Our top 5 for downward growth include:

  1. Tomatoes (Cherry, Grape and Roma)
  2. Zucchini (Black Forest F1 variety)
  3. Peppers (Bell, Cherry, Poblano)
  4. Pole Beans
  5. Eggplant (Bambino variety, produces cherry tomato like clusters!)


Our top 5 for upward growth include:

  1. Peppers
  2. Radishes
  3. Herbs like Basil or Sage
  4. Leafy Greens
  5. Flowers! Lavendar is a great companion plant and pollinators love it!


So, don’t be afraid to try different combinations of flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruits!  With time, you will start to gain insight on what works best in your space, and then share your PopUp Garden blooming havens with others #mypopupgarden #poppingupgardens. 

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